Privacy Policy

We Care About Your Privacy

At, we understand that your privacy is important. This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and how we use it when you use our website for Pear Deck help.

What We Collect

  • When you give it to us: Name, email, lessons you create on our site.
  • Website Tracking: Things like the device you use and the pages you visit on our site.
  • Pear Deck Connection (if you choose): Limited data to make our Pear Deck help tools work.

How We Use Your Information

  • To run our website and give you the best Pear Deck help.
  • To talk to you about our services or your account.
  • To improve our website.

Sharing Your Info

We only share your information in a few ways:

  • Companies that help us run things (like website hosting).
  • If you say it’s okay.
  • If the law requires us to.

Your Choices

  • You can control cookies in your web browser.
  • You can ask us to delete your account.

Keeping Your Info Safe

We take steps to protect your information, but no system is perfect.

Under 13?

Our website is not for kids under 13.


We might update this policy and will let you know if we do.


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