Pear Deck Pricing

Pear Deck is a highly popular platform for educators and students, especially at school levels. It allows teachers to create interactive presentations and improve student engagement for a learning lesson/session. Students do not think about this digital platform a lot as they just need to join a session by entering the 5-character code they receive from teachers. On the other hand, teachers and schools need to talk about Pear Deck prices as they need to create accounts for lesson creation and sharing.    

Pear Deck Pricing Plans

Pear Deck has three subscription plans – Basic (Teacher Free), Individual (Teacher Premium), and Custom (mainly for Schools & Districts. Have a look at brief descriptions of these three Pear Deck pricing plans:

  1. Teacher Free  – The Teacher Free or Basic plan is available at free of cost. As a teacher, you can use this basic plan to create and present interaction teaching slides with Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. It allows you to compose and modify questions and share the lessons with your students. Further, it allows you to create automatic graded answers to your created/modified questions. 
  2. Teacher Premium – This Pear Deck subscription plan is for individual teachers and can cost you around $125 a year. Apart from having all the features of the Basic plan (Teacher Free), this plan allows you to access more accessibility tools, rubric scoring, advanced test security tools, anti-cheating programs, mimic state testing interface and standard-based reporting.
  3. Custom – It is a customized Pear Deck subscription plan that a school or district can get at a discounted price and customize as per their specific requirements. You get everything that is included in Teacher Free and Teacher Premium plans in your Custom Pear Deck plan. In addition, you will get common assessment, account management support, content libraries, shared district-level item bank, and migration of existing assessments. It could allow you to access additional features as per your needs.  

What Plan Is Good For You?

Undoubtedly, Pear Deck is a powerful tool for you if you are willing to improve your student engagement for a lesson and your teaching experience. No one except for you is the right person to guide you to choose a Pear Deck subscription/pricing plan. By keeping your needs, budget, and student numbers in mind, you can choose the right Pear Deck plan for you or your school.