Pear Assessment: Streamlining Assessments for Teachers

Assessments can be a major headache for teachers — they take time to create, administer, and grade. Here’s where Pear Assessment comes to the rescue:

What is Pear Assessment?

It’s a digital tool that helps you design and give better assessments, plus see helpful results to improve how you teach.

Why Teachers Love Pear Assessment

  • Save time: Use their huge library of ready-to-use questions or easily make your own.
  • Make assessments fun: Add videos, interactive questions, and more.
  • Track student progress: See how each student is doing and where they need extra help.

Reasons to Try Pear Assessment

  • Easy to use: Create awesome assessments in less time.
  • Better for students: More engaging assessments mean better learning.
  • Informative for you: Get clear data to make your teaching even stronger.

Check out Pear Assessment!

Visit the Pear Deck website ( to learn more and get started!