How Does Pear Deck Work

Technology is transforming everything in personal as well as professional life. Education is not an exception. The use of relevant technology is changing the way we teach and learn. One such tool that is transforming the education sector is Pear Deck. Learn here how Pear Deck works. 

It facilitates you to create interactive slides  

With Pear Deck, you can change your simple slides into interactive ones and improve your teaching experience. Your interactive slides are more engaging and encourage students to actively participate in lessons. Students can share ideas, respond to your questions, and participate in real-time discussions on topics. 

It is easy to integrate Pear Deck with existing tools

It is very easy to integrate Pear Deck with your existing presentations. Whether you are going to use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides for a lesson, you can easily integrate them with Pear Deck. You just need to tap on the Add option or click on the Pear Deck add-on option to integrate your existing slides. The integration will make your existing slides interactive. 

It increases student engagement in real-time 

Passive learning is a past thing in the contemporary world. Tools like Pear Deck have transformed learning and made it active. It facilitates real-time interaction and transforms your class into an engaging activity. Your students can draw, drag & drop, answer questions, and submit their ideas without revealing their names. Pear Deck is all about what teachers (you) say and what each of your students thinks.    

It makes formative assessment easier for teachers

Earlier, you had a bad experience with your student assessment. With Pear Deck, formative assessment is a natural part of the learning process. You can track the understanding of your students on the spot and adjust your teaching as per your students’ requirements. Further, you do not have to wait for test results as you know how your students are performing instantly.  

It offers a Student Paced Mode feature 

You know all your students are different and their learning pace is distinguished. Pear Deck comprehends this well. So, it has a Student Paced Mode option. With this section, you can assign decks to your students to work on independently. It makes your students feel that they have a personal tutor who will guide them at their own speed.  

It enables you to keep an eye on everything with the Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard in Pear Deck allows you to have your eyes everywhere in the classroom. As a teacher, you can comprehend which concepts are tricky for your students, see your students’ responses in real-time, and produce your feedback instantly. Pear Deck with the Teacher Dashboard connects you with each of your students.   

It gives you a seamless feedback experience

Effective feedback is crucial for improvements in learning. With Pear Deck, you can give personalized and timely feedback to your students. The feedback loop becomes an integral part of the learning journey whether it is a gentle nudge in the right direction or a pat on the back.