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Pear Deck is a digital platform for teachers and students. It helps teachers create and share lesions, especially for interactive teaching. This platform makes learning and study easier and more engaging for students. With a 5-character code, students can join a Pear Deck session and learn a topic easily.

How To Join Pear Deck Session As A Student

As a student, you do not need to have a Pear Deck account to participate in a learning session. However, you might require a Microsoft Office 365 or Google account to join a session if your teacher set this requirement in the setting. Follow the steps mentioned below to join a Pear Deck session:

Use a code

  • Open a web browser on your device and browse or
  • Check your email, Message, or WhatsApp to find the code your teacher has shared with you.
  • Type the 5-character code and click Join to join a Pear Deck session. You may need to enter your email address and name if prompted on your device screen.
  • Now, you can view the slides/presentations and respond to the interactive questions.

Click on the link

  • Go to your email inbox, check your WhatsApp to find a link for Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or allied LMS systems.
  • Click on the link.
  • Enter the requisite details, such as your name and email address.
  • Tap on the Join option.

How To Use Pear Deck As A Teacher

As a teacher, you are a presenter of a Pear Deck Session. You need to create an account on Pear Deck by choosing the right option – Free or Membership. Here are some helpful steps for your support:

Determine your login settings before you start presenting your lessons 

  • Ask your students to join sessions with a Microsoft Office 365 or Google account. Otherwise, ask them to join anonymously.
  • To let your students join with an Email, use Takeaways or go to The Teacher Dashboard. After that, turn on Email login. It will allow you to see the list of students with their names and email addresses who joined your sessions.
  • To let your students join a Pear Deck session anonymously, you need to turn off Email login. It will allow students to join a session with a nickname and animal avatar.

Present a session

  • Launch your teaching session from one of 3 places – Pear Deck Home, The Pear Deck for PowerPoint online sidebar, or The Pear Deck Google Slides.
  • For the Pear Deck Home, tap on an existing file button to find the file/lesson you are willing to present. After that, tap Start Live Session or Start Student-Paced as a Deck modal window appears on your screen.
  • For the Pear Deck PowerPoint Slide sidebar or Google Slides, find the lesson and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Select a Lesson Mode – Instructor-Paced or Student-Paced Mode.
  • Open the projector in the selected Lesson Mode.

Help students join your session

  • Receive the join instructions. The Projector View appears and there is an automatic projection for the Join Instructions as you choose Instructor-Paced Activity. There is the Dashboard View as you choose Student-Paced Activity and you have Premium access to Pear Deck. Now, tap on the Join Code, which is located at the right top corner. Create a code and share the same with your students.

Run your session 

  • Use the Navigation Bar on the Projector View for the pace control of slides as you run an Instructor-Paced Session. It will allow you to see the number of responses collected in real-time. To find the Navigation Bar, you need to hover the cursor around the bottom of any side.
  • Use the arrows on your device to go through the slides.
  • Tap on the Slide Drawer between the arrows. It will facilitate you to jump to slides out of a sequence.
  • Choose Lock Screens to block the screens of your students when you want to stop them from responding to queries.
  • Press and hold the Lock Screens tab to trigger a timer for the countdown.
  • To see Speaker Notes, tap on Notes. This step is applicable only for Google Slides.
  • To see all responses on the Projector View, tap on Show Responses. You can tap on Hide Responses to come back to the original slide.

End your session 

  • Go to the Navigation Bar and tap on the End tab/button.
  • Enter a name for the session as you see a prompt. The session name could be Science Period 1.
  • Touch the Save and End Session option. You will see a window for it as you name the session.

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